Weather Gone Wild

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Weather Gone Wild

Produced by Sue Ridout, Dreamfilm Productions; Directed by Melanie Wood for CBC Docs.

Weather Gone Wild is a one-hour documentary about changing the way we live in order to survive a world of superstorms. A stunning succession of extreme weather events, starting with Hurricane Sandy and continuing through back- to-back tornadoes in Oklahoma, an unprecedented deluge in Calgary and flash flooding in Toronto, have brought us collectively to a weather tipping point. In virtually every corner of the globe, intense and unusual weather is becoming the new normal.

Violent, stormy weather is a natural outcome of climate change and a warmer planet. As things heat, they become more volatile. From entire floating neighbourhoods to massive harbour floodgates, cities around the world are trying to engineer their way to a safer future. Everything from farming to the insurance industry to building codes will have to change. How can – and must – the average citizen adapt their life to Weather Gone Wild?

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