the difference makers

A 17 part mini-documentary series for the 2010 Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, featuring inspiring stories of Canadian Olympians and the people in the lives who helped them realize their Olympic dream.   Hosted by Rick Hansen, for air during prime time Olympic coverage.

Directors: Melanie Wood and Jeff Topham
Series producer: Melanie Wood
Features producer for the Consortium – Don Young
In association with: Rick Hansen Foundation

Francois Hamelin – Short track Speedskating

Josh Dueck – Downhill Skiing

JP Le Guellec – Biathalon

Jan Hudec – Downhill Skiing

Joannie Rochette – Figure Skating

Kelly Vanderbeek – Downhill Skiing

Denny Morrison – Speedskating

Chris Del Bosco – Ski Cross

Alexandre Bilodeau – Freestyle Skiing

Megan Imrie – Biathalon

Michael Lambert – Snowboard

Patrick Chan – Figure Skating

Paul Rosen – Sledge Hockey

Roberto Luongo – Ice Hockey

Mellisa Hollingsworth – Skeleton

Caroline Oullette – Ice Hockey

Amy Gough – Skeleton

Rick Hansen

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