a stranger in our home

Stranger Productions Inc, in association with CBC Newsworld, presents A Stranger In Our Home — a gripping documentary exposing the alarming rise of Internet sexual predators.   The documentary tells the disturbing tale of Daniel and Stephanie, two teenage victims of Internet predators.

The Internet is a window to the world, but through that window strangers slip silently into our homes.  Believing he was exploring sexuality with another 13-year-old boy, Daniel shared all his secrets with his online friend. But in reality, Daniel was talking to a 59-year-old pedophile who eventually coerced him into leaving his family and heading across an international border to the United States to meet him.

Moments away from what might have been her first sexual encounter, Stephanie was in a motel parking lot waiting to meet her 18-year-old Internet boyfriend. But instead, she saw an aging 43-year-old man who was actually married with 3 children of his own. The oldest was Stephanie’s age.

“Internet predators are the modern day shape shifters who pose on the web as whoever our children need them to be – technology has given pedophiles the world in a chat room and they’re just a click away from our kids.”

Producer & Director: Melanie Wood
In association with:
CBC (Rough Cuts)

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