Just Eat It: A food waste movie – 2014, feature (75 min.) Knowledge Network
We all love food. So how could we be throwing nearly half of it in the trash? Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of food waste from farm, through retail, all the way to the back of the fridge. After catching a glimpse of the billions of dollars of edibles that are tossed each year in North America, they pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food for 6 months.
Dir. Grant Baldwin – Prod. Jen Rustemeyer – Exec Producer, Melanie Wood

Weather Gone Wild – 2014, 1 hour CBC Doc Zone
Unpredictable, stormy weather is a natural outcome of a warmer planet. As things heat, they become more volatile. Weather Gone Wild is a one-hour documentary about changing the way we live in order to survive a changing climate. From entire floating neighbourhoods to massive harbour floodgates, cities around the world are trying to engineer their way to a safer future.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer Sue Ridout

To The Rescue – 2013, 1 hour CBC Doc Zone
Expectations of our old patchwork search and rescue system are higher than ever because “weekend warriors” think they can call 911 or trigger a locator beacon from even the most remote wilderness. With an increasing number of outdoor adventurers and shrinking budgets, Canada’s search and rescue system is in need of an overhaul.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Sue Ridout

Foncie’s Photos – 2012, 30 min. Knowledge Network
From 1934-1979 Vancouver street photographer Foncie Pulice set up his camera on a Granville Street sidewalk and snapped candid shots of people strolling by. For almost half a century, he took thousands of photographs unwitting capturing moments in time, the history of the city, and the lives of British Columbians. Using these photographs the film traces a timeline through the heart of Vancouver.
Director & producer, Melanie Wood

Liberia ’77 – 2010, feature (75 min.) Knowledge Network & TVO
Imagine life with no photographs. No smiling faces. No family snapshots. No record of your past. Welcome to Liberia! When Canadian brothers Jeff and Andrew Topham return to the war torn West African country of their childhood to re-shoot their father’s photos from the 70s, they find a nation whose own photographic history was destroyed by war. Suddenly their tattered envelope of family photos takes on a significance they never could have imagined. Liberia ’77 shows how despite time, war, distance and culture, photography connects us all.
Director, Jeff Topham – producer, Melanie Wood

The Difference Makers – 2009, series producer & director of “The Difference Makers”, a 17 part mini-doc series for the 2010 Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. Hosted by Rick Hansen, for air during prime time Olympic coverage.

Carbon Hunters – 2008, 1 hour CBC Doc Zone
Carbon Hunters delves into the controversial, little-understood, yet booming industry of carbon credit trading as a potentially workable mechanism towards solving what most people now acknowledge as the greatest crisis facing the planet – climate change. Director, Miro Cernetig – creative producer, Melanie Wood – producer, Force Four Entertainment

School Of Secrets – 2007, 1 hour, CBC The Lens
Presents a tale of truth, and its consequences, in the story of a Vancouver teacher and the teenage girls he seduced. School of Secrets provides a sober lesson in the need for transparency and accountability in any public institution.
Director, Melanie Wood – producers, Eunice Lee & Melanie Wood

Struggle For Control: Child & Youth Behaviour Disorders – 2004, 1 hour
Tells the stories of three young people and their struggles to keep their behaviour disorders in check.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Bartlett LeRose Productions

Fighting Their Fears: Child & Youth Anxiety – 2004, 1 hour
Tells the stories of three young people and their struggles learning to live with their anxiety disorders.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Bartlett LeRose Productions

O.COM: cybersex addiction – 2003, 1 hour Passionate Eye : Cybersex Addiction is a cautionary tale of the Internet’s profound effect on human sexuality. Each day, hundreds of thousands of individuals access the Internet to make sexual contact with each other without ever having met eye-to-eye or having said a simple hello. Cybersex addicts have a message for all of us about technology’s ability to accelerate our alienation from each other.
Director, Melanie Wood – producers, Nick Orchard & Melanie Wood

Chasing The Cure: Brett Finlay, Man Against Microbe – 2002, 1 hour
In this science biography it’s a battle against foes such as ecoli and campylobactor which threaten human life.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Cal Shumiatcher (Paperny Films)

On Wings And Dreams – 2001, 1 hour
Two visions clash over the airways of Canada in this historical documentary on the men who built Canada’s airlines.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Terence McKeown

A Stranger In Our Home – 2000, 1 hour
A Stranger In Our Home is a gripping documentary exposing the alarming rise of Internet sexual predators. The documentary tells the disturbing tale of Daniel and Stephanie, two teenage victims of Internet predators.
Director & producer, Melanie Wood

To Have And To Hold – 1999, 1 hour
A film about three women who’s lives were forever changed by their stalkers
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Jack McGaw

The Sweet Assassin – 1999, 1 hour
Diabetes runs rampant in the coastal native communities in BC. This is the story of one such community and how they are dealing with it.
Director, Melanie Wood – producer, Jack McGaw



2006 Directed ‘The Music Video Directors’ episode of “Making It Big: Season 2″, a reality series from Force Four Entertainment airing on Life Network.

2005 Directed 3 episodes of Manhattan Matchmaker, a reality series from Force Four
Entertainment, airing on W Network.

2004 Directed ‘The Choreographers’ episode of “Making It Big”, a reality series from Force Four Entertainment that aired on Oxygen and Life Network.

1997 Executive Producer of 50/UP, a CBC network lifestyle show for people late 40′s through 60′s.

1995 to 1999 Executive Producer of “Spilled Milk”, a series of half hours for parents with young children. The series ran for five seasons on the CBC network, and also aired on PBS, Knowledge Network and TVO, and has been sold around the world. (Gemini nominations, New York Festival Awards, & Columbus Awards)

1994 In The Name Of Health – a producer on this series for Knowledge Network about the determinants of health.



2010 G8/G20 Deer Lake & Toronto – on site producer for host broadcaster as liaison between PMO and production team.

2009 series producer & director, “The Difference Makers”, a 17 part mini-doc series for
the 2010 Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. Hosted by Rick Hansen, for air during
prime time Olympic coverage.

2002 G8 Summit Kananaskis – worked for Host Broadcaster as on site producer during the summit, responsible for coordinating mobile crews, communicating with organizers and government officials, connecting with Host Master

1997 APEC 97 Vancouver – worked for host broadcaster directing. And coordinating EFP crews, assisting director and producers

1984/85 produced and directed Midday News, and produced stories for CBC’s 6 o’clock
news in Vancouver.

1984 Let Justice Be Done – Directed the live-to-tape forum involving many major players in B.C.’s justice system.

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